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The Six Minute Project is a collaborative photographic exploration of human connection on a global level.

Since May 2006, people all over the world have been participating in the Six Minute Project by documenting their lives for 24 hours, six minutes at a time. Collaborators of various ages and nationalities have carried a camera with them for 24 hours, taking a picture every six minutes. The pictures can be of themselves, their surroundings, or what they are doing in that moment.

The result is an expanding number of projects, each with 240 connecting snapshots that tell a story. As more projects are added from around the world, the connections between people increase. What does it mean that nearly every project includes a self-portrait of the participant on their pillow? What does a student in Rome have in common with a mother in San Diego?

The Six Minute Project will continue to grow and expand as people across the globe add their chapter to the story. We hope it makes the world seem a little smaller, and we hope it helps people see that eventually, everything connects.

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